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"Flakey Friend"
So, I recently graduated from college and I invited a best friend of mine to come to the ceremony and come on a trip with me. I gave her three weeks notice for graduation and the trip and I didn't hear anything from her unless I called/texted her, and even then I couldn't always get a hold of her. However, I found out what she was doing through social media because she would post it, but didn't bother to tell me. It wasn't until a few days before the ceremony did I ask her if she had made a decision did she tell me everything, and it was all things that I already knew. What bothers me most is that she couldn't bother to communicate with me on what she was doing and that I found out through other means. I haven't spoken to her and I'm sure that she has no idea that I'm mad/annoyed with her. I'm just not sure how to approach her on the matter because this isn't the only time that this has happened. It's occurred before on many occasions. But this event was really important to me and she flaked on me. She's great to be around when I'm with her, but getting a hold of her in the first place is a problem. How do I deal with this situation along with her not being able to communicate properly in our friendship? I want to keep her as a friend, but not at the risk of me getting hurt/disappointed all the time.
posted by Taylor (age 22) on 5/22/2013 @4:45:49 PM •
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