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"bad situation"
I am a 40 yr old lesbian woman. My ex girlfriend broke up with me in March and jumped immediately into another relationship with another woman. I was her live in girlfriend for almost 5 yrs and when she broke up with me she told me we weren't compatible. She told me she's been trying to tell me for yrs. She happens to be bipolar and is drinking alcohol a lot with her new girlfriend.
The problem is that I'm still living in her house. She's renting to own it, and my name is not on the lease. She's packed her bag and went to live with her new flame. During the time we were together, things were fine in the beginning. Towards the end, that's a whole different story. We didn't sleep in the same bed anymore and hardly had any sexual contact. She would satisfy me, but wouldn't want me to satisfy her in the bedroom department. She told me she felt obligated.
Anyway, we have two dogs, and I feel like she abandoned them. We were a family.
She claims she wants to be my BBF, but I don't feel that she really does. She treats me badly by talking rudely towards me, she bosses me around and wants me to live here and take care of her home. I can't afford to move and also her car is registered in my name. I'm still paying on it for another year.
After she broke up with me, she made a comment about how good my butt looked in a pair of shorts I was wearing. That was about 30 days after the break up mind you. She also kissed me on the lips too. Afterwards she replied that she shouldn't have done that.
Now she's been treating me like crap and I can't stand it. She tells me she's more sexually active now than she was before.
For a little background on her, she was an addict before I met her. When I first met her, she was clean for maybe a couple of years. Now she's been doing all kinds of bad things that are illegal. I think she's reverting back to her past. I know her new girlfriend is a heavy drinker as well and isn't a very good example for her.
I was told that after the car is paid off, that I'd be paying half the rent. She still pays for it now. She's been out of a job for several months and hasn't found any work yet. I feel she is using this other girl for her money since she has a good paying job.
I wish I could move out and not be here anymore, but like I said before I am living paycheck by paycheck. I also feel uncomfortable since they both want to take me out for my birthday. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Sorry this is so long, but I feel very trapped.
posted by Jackie on 5/26/2013 @6:10:41 PM •
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