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"Depressed GF"
Not sure if this will even help but its 1am and I can't sleep. I've been with my GF for 3 years now. She has a very unhealthy image of herself... I tell her all the time how good she looks, using every positive word to describe her. However, she puts herself down everytime.

Meanwhile, she tells me over and over again how i'm too good for her and how she thinks I can do better than her. I tell her to stop saying these things but she doesn't listen. She hates every picture of herself, hates her weight (hypothyroid problem).

In about a year and a half I'm going to be graduating from a college, we are both in our mid 30s. I want to leave where we live but she probably won't want to, we've talked about it.

Part of me wants her to go and part of me doesn't, I'm really getting bothered by the depression and feel like I would have a lot to deal with if we moved further in this...

It will hurt us both if I break up but it's feeling more and more like thats whats going to happen...
What should I do???
posted by John on 5/28/2013 @4:29:02 AM •
wow alot of ppl feel this way about themselves. Seems like she needs professional help. has she been to therapy to talk about her issues?? maybe that will make the situation better. but i kno personally that i cant stand to be around anyone that hates themselves let alone always depressed & bitter filled with hate. but i guess you already kno what to do. Stay Or Go
posted by tiny (age 25) on 5/29/2013

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