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"Unproductive Life Style"
I am 28, I have no skills, I weigh nearly 500lbs, I have an injury. A severed tendion in my knee thats gone unchecked for many years. The injury makes me unemployable because of my pre-exsisying I jury. Only job I can obtain are physically strenuous jobs that I cant handle. I am physically incapable of standing on my feet for eight hours. Ive been homeless since I was sixteen. Im still homeless. I have no family, none. I have no friends, good associates yes not really friends though. I have no money to get around catch a bus. And no one wants to be with a 500 lb fat guy with no car or job or place to speak of. I so sick of being alone. I have common sense, I can use more advice than eat less exersize go to collage get a job and stop being a bum. I want to help myself but I have no clue how to or how to obtain the resources to do so.
posted by Teddy (age 28) on 5/28/2013 @10:57:56 PM •
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