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"Am I Wrong??"
Me & my bf have been dating for about 5 months now. We have so much in common & share alot of the same ideas & dreams & passions. We both are extremely dedicated to our jobs but he is the definition of a true workaholic. He goes to work & sometimes stays overnight becuz hes at such high demand. On his days off he still gets called into work. Everytime we plan to have a day together or a date night the plans get proposed becuz he has to go into work. So that leaves me depressed & very upset. He wants me to be understanding & i try to be. But when is enough..Enough. Im really not a selfish person but All i need is someone that will be there for me always. someone that is compassionate & loyal & honest etc..Anyways so he went out of town on bizness 4 whole days. Rather than staying in the house all weekend i decide to spend time with an ex bf of mine. hes almost like my bestfriend in fact. we been thru alot. all we did was go to the movies & had lunch &b that was it. Am i wrong for hanging out with an old male friend? am i wrong for finding attention from someone other than my bf?
posted by Tiny (age 25) on 5/29/2013 @11:59:42 AM •
I don't think your wrong, however I think you need to tell your bf how you really feel. Your in a relationship with a man whom you feel doesn't really have time right now in his life to have an intimate relationship. Work is important yes, but its also important to spend time with those you love. And if he doesn't feel the way you feel about needing that time together. Then you need to let hime go because your craving attention, you want it from him but if he isn't willing to make time to give it to you or want it as bad as you do you'll find soneone who. Someone like your ex for example, the co tinued neglect on his part isnt going to do nothing but push you away farther until you get the type of attention that cones with regrets. You don't need that kind of baggage on your conscious. Come at him straight, tell him like it is, if he cant handle it or comes up with excuses or promises that you just aint feelin, then you know what it is you need to fo from there.
posted by Teddy (age 27) on 5/31/2013

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