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"Bad Break Up"
My exboyfriend was verbally, emotionally and physically abusive. I broke up with him almost a week ago and I can't quit crying and wanting him back. Please tell me how to move on, I know he is toxic for me.
posted by Dee (age 37) on 5/29/2013 @4:54:34 PM •
You know, when you love someone instinctively want to protect them physically and emotionally. More than that you want to enable them in a positive manner stimulating both there body and mind, do whatever you can to help eachother open doors in your lives. But you know this. Thats why you left him because he was doing the oppisite of that. You did good at least you had the presents of mind to leave him because alot of women do not. Now me personally its hard for me to be in love with someone that doesnt love me back. If I did its just infatuation and Ill get over it. He never loved you, he never loved himself how could he love you. Breaking the bodies and spirits of women is an act of cowardice........ none the less you love him. I could really go on but again you know all this I was only reminding you to say this. You are probably no doubt a good woman. You deserve a good man, when your ready to give all that pent up love to that man I first described, give all that love to him because he will protect your heart. A coward with a penis does not deserve your love or your tears fore your time is far to prescious. You left him in body, you shed your tears to deal with it emotionally. Now you need to take the next step and move forward to better things in your life. Dont jump into another relationship right away. Just enjoy being single for awhile, go out have some fun. You'll know when you ready for another relationship. And when you are you'll feel good about yourself again, that confidant swagger will consume you and everyone will see it. And you being a more cautious woman will be able to better judge early on the real men and the cowards steady smiling in your face.
posted by Teddy (age 28) on 5/31/2013

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