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"soo confused"
so i was dating a guy for a year and 3 months and we just recently broke up about a week ago because he is honestly the most jealous and insecure person i have ever met. dont get me wrong, this was his first serious relationship and i understand you are usually very attached to your first love, but this is just overwhelming and i cant take it. i would hang out with him 6 days a week and go out one night a week with some of my friends to party, drink whatever. but since there were guys there (that are all my friends) he was convinced that something was going to happen between me and another guy. no matter how much i re-assured him that id never cheat on him and that i know my friends would never overstep their boundaries (afterall, they all knew i had a boyfriend) , it was endless arguments about how this one guy, bob, likes me and that he doesnt want me going there anymore at all. it wasnt all guys either, there were always more girls than guys at the parties and 90% of the guys were in relationships. im just aggervated because i cant get through to him about anything, i feel like he wants me to give up all my friends for him. we fight everytime i get time with my friends and im so sick of it. i broke up with him and told him i just needed time to myself for a while to try and sort things out, but he really wants to get back together. i know the arguement about me going out with my certain friends will never stop. but im so confused on whether i should maybe try things with him again because i really want to be with him honestly, but i just cant take this and i dont know if it is worth it to stay or move on and be myself? help?
posted by chelsea on 2/17/2008 @8:39:21 PM •
sounds like you know exactly what to do- move on. you haven't really said one reason why you should get back together with him. sounds like he's the kind of guy that will not be content unless you are with him 24/7. you don't need that! remind him why you broke up and that you have given it a try and it just didn't work out. even though he will try to convince you this time will be different, things like jealousy don't just go away. do what you want to do. don't just try to please him.
posted by me on 2/19/2008

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