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My daughter is 24 years old & my new husband of 10 years don't get alone. Recently, at her graduated ceremony, she told him he act like a clown & she will never respect him. I wrote told her she was disrespectful & should apologize. She said he is controlling & someone needed to tell him, to make a long story short. I told her she had to leave our home.
Well, now she wants to come to our home to see her sister & stay a night husband her stepfather said she is not welcome & he's not ready to except her in our home... As a mother this brakes my heart.
Please any advice is welcome !
posted by Kim (age 46) on 5/30/2013 @7:48:34 PM •
Okay, I believe it is important for a parent to maintain a good healthy relationship with there child. I think that might be extreamly hard to do if you shut her out. That and I dont think its fair that your other daughter has to loose out on spending time with her sister. My advice is this. I believe you should have a talk with your daughter and to be very clear on the terms of you allowing her to stay there for a night or two to spend time with her sister and that the moment she feels she can adhere to your atangment she had to cut that visit short and leave. And talk to your husband because you cant allow him to make your daughter feel alienated or unwelcome there while she is visiting. They both have to agree eessentially to either "play nice" or stay out of each others way, at least for your other daughters sake. Furthermore express to your husband how important this is to you. Be firm and leave little room for argument, because you believe that is what needs to happen in order for your family to be as healthy and happy as it can be. (I hope my advice helps, even if just alittle.)
posted by Teddy on 5/31/2013

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