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"Girl Problems"
So this girl I like recently broke up with this guy so since I have a crush on her I asked her for her number. She gave me her number and since then we have been texting each other. We are even up at 3 o'clock in the morning texting. I have been talking to her for the longest so I came out straight forward with her and told her I really like her. Then I asked her how she felt about me and she said that she likes me a little bit but she isn't ready for a relationship or dating again especially since the last one stressed her out. Since I really like her I told her that im fine with her not wanting a relationship currently because I really like this girl, im patient and she's worth the wait. After that she sent a smile and a winkie face. After I thought about this some questions came to my head. She said she likes me a little bit. Not a yes and not a no. Does she really like me a little bit or did she say that because she doesn't want to hurt my feeling? What should I do
posted by Edward (age 15) on 5/31/2013 @7:29:42 PM •
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