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"I need help with my Court situation "
I've recently got this DUI and a felony. The judge said to take my classes and my case would be expunged . I didn't have a job at the time to afford these classes but now I do I had missed my court date by accident so they put a warrant for my arrest .its been 3 months I haven't gone court fix that but now I'm scared what if they arrest me at court I don't want lose my job I just want start over again and get my recorded expunged hopefully the Judge would understand my situation and gives me a second chance I mean I don't want this on my record I'm barley 20 years old A bad record would make my life miserable . Please I need some advice what should I do please and thank you
posted by Edoel (age 20) on 6/7/2013 @6:22:08 AM •
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