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It's Father's Day weekend as we all know. My dad and I aren't very close. I try to be nice to him but he makes it really hard. I feel like I'm whining but until you live with it, you have no idea. Every time he sees me he asks, "What're you doing?, why?, don't cough, you better stop, I love you." All of these are fine. When not repeated on an hourly basis. He isn't good with people so, it's nice to know that he tries but, it literally makes me want to slap him. And I'm always the one having to clean. He rarely helps. He also fusses at us (my brother, my sister and I) about how we eat. He doesn't eat healthy his own self. My sister doesn't live here and is pregnant. Before she was pregnant she, "didn't eat enough". Now, "she eats too much". It's like everything we do is wrong. And he is always insulting my mom. (They're divorced.) It's truly unacceptable the way he speaks about women. It bothers me to no end. I hate negativity yet, this house is drowning in it. I don't know how to act and I don't want to be ugly to him. Especially since its Father's Day. I would love to go do something with him over the weekend but, we have nothing to talk about. Could someone please advise me on how to handle this and what to talk to him about. (...he has no interest in my life details so, whatever I talk to him about needs to be about him.)
posted by Emaley on 6/15/2013 @4:04:43 PM •
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