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"Familey or boyfriend?"
I have a boyfriend in another state. I met him on a flirting site. Usually I was jsut on there to messing with people seeing how many I could get to crack up laughn or just make fun of there stupid user names because my day sucked. One day I seen him on there. He sent a short message. But for some reason instead of goofing around when I seen him I decided to talk to actaully chat with him and ended up giving him my number. We been talking and txting for eight months now. Most people I talk too dont even make two weeks. He is caring, sweet, fun, playfull, and really knows how to make me laugh and smile. He makes everyday much brighter. Even when I have day that is goin horrible he still cheers me up, and he does it like no other. Just thinking about with him makes me happy. I would love to be him. Now my familey I love them so much but there are days when they really stress me out. sometimes they keeps goin about my weight when I'm not really that bad. they take there joking/picking too far. when I ask something they sometimes send me in loops. My mother when she play she like to pinch and even play hit/punch wich really hurts. I really do love my familey but sometimes they jsut stress me out way too much. I Live with my mother and grandparent live right by. My boyfriend asked if I would leave with him if he came down here. He says I need to get out of here. I would love to be with him and take off to go live with him. but I know my familey will hate it and I dont wanna upset them and make them worry. I'm thinking about going with him but I'm not sure what would happen if I do. please help.Stay with familey or should I take a chance for ones and go with my boyfriend?
posted by Jessica (age 24) on 6/25/2013 @5:22:20 PM •
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