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"Completely Stressed"
So my boyfriend broke up with me about a month ago. We dated for four months, everything was absolutely perfect in the relationship he was like my best friend and he felt the same way about me. Then he decided that we needed to break up because he "wasn't ready" for a relationship, being 19. Anyway, I don't really know what to do because I do still want to be friends with him and I know that he still cares about me a ton because he still constantly shows it. We still talk everyday and we hang out almost everyday too. Another confusing part about it is that he has this "girl friend" from back home and their "just friends." Well during last summer they were kinda together and now they text each other all the time; and I'm pretty sure she went along with his friends to go see him this weekend. He tells me that he has no feelings for her, and that he only likes me. He really is a great guy. When we were dating he even invited me to visit his family and they absolutely loved me. Well it's just hard for me to believe that he likes this girl again when it doesn't seem like something he'd do to me, but I just keep having second thoughts about it. I really don't know what to do about it anymore because I really liked him and it takes me a long time to finally trust someone and I honestly did trust him and then this happened. What the hell am I susposed to do now? Help please!
posted by gymnast867 on 2/18/2008 @11:46:49 AM •
look, 1st u should ALWAYS!!! always ask some1 if ur not sure bout something.... also, um if he says dat he doesnt have feelings for her, trust him!!! if its 2 hard 2 do then just tell him dat ur having a fishy feeling... and da thing u told me... (i only trust some people only) tell him dat... and he will reveal da truth... (trust me, ive been through diss b4....) anyways good luck... and um ma friend has something 2 say...

from: priscilla

hii..i no how u feel n my advise is to just mayb ask him ... tell him ur true feelings.. if he doesnt feel the same way as u,get over it (srry ='[) and just b friends if he feels the same abou u then good if not srry

posted by nichole on 2/18/2008
hey i totaly understand what you are going through.but you must kno that i think that you should tell him everything that you have told us. if he doesnt feel the same way about you then just kno that it will be okayy.and that God has someone for you.ou are but you just got to give it time. and that right guy will find you. and another thing if he does feel the same way then you should trust him because he may start to feel that you dont trust him at all and that will just push him away.
but good look it what you decied to do.
posted by teela on 2/18/2008
He slept with her this weekend!! That is what makes it soo much more confusing now because he told me about it and he said that it made him realize that he doesn't like her and that he wants only me, but it sucks that he had to do that in order to realize that he wants to be with me again! I don't know what to do anymore, he says that he is going to do anything to make it better between us but I am paranoid it's going to happen again. . . I just don't know what to!
posted by gymnast867 on 2/18/2008

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