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I have a boyfriend how is liking other girls pictures on Insagram and Facebook. I tried to ignore it, but the more i did, the worse it got. He would comment that she was beautiful and snapchat her and ect,. It really hurt me to think that he likes someone else. I know it could be worse like them hanging out together or them sneaking around or something, but it made me so angry that I asked him about it. He told me that I shouldn't worry about it and that they are just 'best friends' which I know is complete bull****! (Excuse my foul language) We all go to the same school and I have never seen them talk to each other in my life. I'd also hear from other people that he used to like this girl and still does. That made things worse. I asked him about her again and that caused use to argue. To prove to me that he did not like, he blocked her. I'm not sure if they text or not because I don't go through his phone. Things got better and we couldn't be happier. Just when everything was okay, I notice that he was best friends with this girl on snapchat. My friend tells me who she is and shows me a picture. After that I think I have nothing to worry about. Weeks go by and we start to talk less and less. We never hangout anymore and now I start to worry. One day, I message him and ask why we weren't talking as much as we used to and he says he's been "busy.." Busy with what?? I ignore that he was lying to me because I figured he didn't want to talk about it. Then I asked him about that girl he was snapchating. He said she was her best friend. I though that was strange because this is the first time I have ever heard about her and they'er not facebook friends or anything so that didn't seem right. I asked why I never heard of her then he starts to get all defensive. We start arguing. That night, I couldn't go to sleep. I was so worried about that girl and how they really knew each other and what they talking about. I was also worried about what was next. I was scared is he was gonna break up with me. Scrach that, I was terrified. Three days past and we haven't texted each other. Then all the sudden, I get a message. It's him. All it says is hey. We pretty much act like it never happened. We never hangout anymore and when he text me, it either at like 11 which is usually around the time I go to bed, or in the afternoon for like 30 minutes and it's only that long because he takes forever to text back. I feel like we are just falling apart. What did I do wrong and what do I do to fix it?

Sorry for the super long, boring story. Please someone help me. I'm very desperate. Thanks so much.
posted by Sarah (age 17) on 7/2/2013 @1:54:40 AM •
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