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"cope with heartbreak"
okay so, i met this guy through the internet. at first, it was just to be a rebound to get my mind off a my ex whom i've been with for about 4 years. my ex of 4 years still calls me every now and then, but nothing really happens.

this guy that i met through the internet was cool to talk with at first, but then the conversations got longer, the amount of conversations increased and strong feelings started to happen. this internet guy lived in another state. i told him i loved him. i told him what i would do to be in his arms. i loved how he treated me. he bought me things and sent it to me. he was the first person i talked to in the morning. last person i talked to at night. talked a million times throughout the day, etc. i fell for him. and now, for the 4th of july, he called me and said he had a surprise for me by my car...IT WAS HIM! in the flesh? i couldn't believe it.

however, i tried to avoid him. told my cousin to lie. told friends to lie. i was scared. was it wrong? my cousin swore she saw him crying. she said he felt embarrassed. he felt like everyone else was right about me. which is so not true. i wasn't ready. i thought he wouldn't like what he saw and would just leave. is that wrong of me? he stayed at my house with my cousin taking care of him while i went out with other people. again, i was scared. could barely sleep through the night. phone was off. no way to contact me. scared ****less.

my cousin told me that he just left. and he emailed me saying that he felt abandoned and foolish and he didn't know what to say. he was heading back to the airport. i want to chase him. but i am not near my car. i'm still scared and my heart is breaking. what should i do? should i fly to him? going to him now would just be too late. what should i do? help help help
posted by no (age 23) on 7/5/2013 @8:55:06 PM •
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