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Me and my ex just broke up after 5 years. We have a 2 year old son together and he was helping me raise my 7 year old daughter.

Recently he was acting distant so i went through his phone and found out he had been texting another female I called the number from my phone and our manager at work personal phone number popped up.(my ex and I work at the same place) I immediately went to work to confront this manager. She approached me asking if I wanted to talk to her I said yes. She basically told me that she noticed that he had recently lost weight and she was asking him advice on he lost it. She assured me that she would never talk to him again, it was completely innocent, and didn't want any type of hostility between me and her. A week later my fiancÚ says he wants a break I told him no I wanted to work things out between us and he says he needs time to find himself. I beg him to change his mind and come back home he says no just give him some space. So the next day I go through his phone and the first person he text is my manager saying that he is single and she does not have to worry about all that extra. Fast forward I find pictures of them hanging out going to the movies and I catch them together in a car in front of his parents house. I go to my general manager and tell him everything that is going on show him pictures and show him the text and phone calls because there is a no employee fratenazation rule at my job. He said things will be handled appropriately that was Friday today is Tuesday. I know that I cannot do anything about them dating but I feel that I should not have to go to work and see this girl every time I work something should have been done by now. This whole situation stresses me out and gives me horrible anxiety before I go to work and I sad throughout the whole shift. This situation has broken up my family. Should I go over my General managers head to main office or just wait to see what happens?
posted by Lexi on 7/9/2013 @1:25:45 AM •
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