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"ugh. left for younger woman"
In December my boyfriend broke up with me and a few weeks later I found out he started dating a 21 year old girl from his work. He is 45. I am 41. We lived together for almost 3 years, but I had moved out recently because things between us needed to change, and I thought relieving the stress by getting my own place would help us gain perspective and appreciate each other more. I'm not sure if he cheated on me, he tells me he didnt', but I suspect he liked her for months before we broke up. I asked if there was another woman when he broke up with me in December and he said no, so he lied. I have come to find out now that he says he loves this girl, which makes me feel like nothing we had was really love at all. He says that he likes her because they both have depression issues, and she and him draw and read together. ugh. I think he is a narcissist and someone that has no empathy. He says he still loves me but can't have a relationship with me..just like he says about his ex-wife. I am close with his ex-wife and now he blames me for her not talking to him..which is ridiculous because I don't blame her for being angry with the way he treated me and now exposing their daughter (15) to a troubled girl. I am still close to the daughter. Is there a possibility that his relationship with her will work? he says they get along well, but it's only been 9 months, which in the beginning we got along well too. UGH. I just need some words of comfort, it's been so hard getting over this jerk and the situation that is humiliating. I want to wish him well and forgive him, but all I want to do is see him broken up with this girl and in pain like I was in. Help.
posted by Sarah (age 41) on 7/10/2013 @6:22:50 PM •
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