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"Crushing on a Mutual friend"
I've been dating this guy for 10 months long distance, We get along great, have a strong sexual attraction, laugh a lot and like the same things. He is a great guy and one of the most handsome I have seen. The kicker came in a week or two ago when a mutual friend of ours and me started spending more time together. It started with the mutual friend ( I'll call him adam ) and I drinking with another friend. I felt a bit of a spark that night but though it was just the alcohol. Well days pass and we are constantly talking, and then last night we drank again and we flirted hard. It felt comfortable, until my boyfriend showed up and then the fun stopped and tensions got high but no animosity or words were said, but everyone felt it. Today, the morning after we are talking constantly and I think I have a crush on him and i'm thinking about him sexually. I don't want to end our friendship and I don't want to leave my boyfriend either. I think this could potentially put me in between a rock in a hard place because he said he thought about me inappropriately as well... what should I do when I don't want to lose either of them?
posted by Amy (age 20) on 7/12/2013 @7:30:10 PM •
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