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"break up, or not?"
i'm a very outgoing loud person. my boyfriend however, is very shy and quiet. he doesn't talk much but it bothers me. he takes care of me. we've only been "officially" dating for a month now but really we've been together for like 5 months now. and i hate it but right before we started really dating i started to like someone new. he had a girlfriend but he flirted with me all the time. now he likes me and he is alot more like me then the guy im dating right now. i need help, any advice?
posted by katelyn on 2/18/2008 @5:28:49 PM •
I think if you are not fully devoted to your boyfriend then you should end the relationship. Just think of it if the situation was swapped. What if he liked another girl more than you?
posted by Whitney on 2/19/2008
don't stay with him! i have been there and it's not worth it. i'm not sure of your age, but don't waste your time. especially if you are young, be sure that you don't settle just because you feel sorry for someone. if you like a new guy, go for him! that would be way better then staying with someone and regretting it later.
posted by me on 2/19/2008

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