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"Looked at family house when they weren't"
My son and his finance just bought a house....i went over last weekend to help clean but his sister and stepdad didnt...So today we texted them to say we were coming over but they weren't home...We told them we were going to just drop of some stuff on back porch.. And we would be peeping toms..they said ok..well my husband accidentally found a door unlocked and went in. To make a long story short his sister text them and said kiddingly that we broke in. Well they were upset... I apologized and it would never happen again and explained that the door was unlocked and thought it was ok because in the past my son said they didn't mind if I went in their house before when not home and I always said I couldn't do that since he meet her and so I wasn't thinking anything of it this...because the family wanted to see..I hope she doesn't hold this against me ..I should have known better...what else can I do or should I leave it alone since I did apologize to both. I feel horrible!!
posted by Vicki (age 59) on 8/17/2013 @4:34:37 PM •
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