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I am three months pregnant with my first child. The baby's father and I got into a huge fight about honesty issues and if he got certain things checked out at the dr. Also he was seeing another girl saying he moved on from me but then came back and tried to make things work cause I was pregnant which I really didn't see where he tried. Him and I have been off and on for almost four years now. He said that he has moved on from me and everything and we will never be together. The thing is he always comes back and he admitted even though he ends things he always come back to me, but he said this takes the cake. I can help but almost feel like this is one of our situations in the past. I want to make things work for the better cause I really do care about him and he says he still cares about me. He says that we have all the same stuff in common and cares for me like a friend, so I mentioned he only has feelings for me as a friend and replied no way more but he doesn't want to come around my family or friends and give them the idea we are going to make it work cause he said its not going to work. I asked him if the only time he wants to see me is when the Dr appointments are and he said he didn't say that but he finds it hard to hang out with me and not want to be sexual cause he finds me extremely attractive. So what do I do give him his space like I have in the past or what because I am not ready for him to be out of my life. I have been working on me and trying to gain his trust and show him I am slowly changing but me trying too hard has just back fired on me and it gets worse I really could use some advice.
posted by liv on 8/20/2013 @11:53:14 AM •
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