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I have no friends at school no matter how much I try making friends. My parents aren't the best. My brother is off in the USMC and my sister is mean as f*** to me. I'm always lonely and crying.
posted by Clarissa (age 16) on 9/14/2013 @11:02:49 PM •
The number of friends you have does not define who you are. So you don't have any friends right. So use this time wisely. Focus on you and bettering yourself, be positive, be active, get involved with people that have simular intrests as you and they will feed off your positive energy and wantvto hang out with you because of it. Like I said don't focuse in how many friends you have just go do you and in time youll make new friends.
posted by TeddyHawk on 10/2/2013
As far as friends, just be nice to people who you can tell are nice. Don't worry about what group they fall into (except the "bad" or "bully" crowd) When I was your age, I had just switched schools and was bullied all the time, so I get it. Also, your hormones are out of wack at your age. I cried all the time for no reason at all, and they put me on anti-depressants for it. I grew out of it. As for your parents, I don't know your situation but my dad was bad enough that I just cut him out of my life when I got old enough to. Don't fret, 16 is just about the worst age ever, it will get better.
posted by Tiffany (age 25) on 10/7/2013

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