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I read the series by Stephenie Meyers.. Twilight.. I am sure you have heard of it. Anyway.. I have never been good at relationships and I tend to be entirely to picky. I never settle for less. If something goes wrong and I lose feelings for someone I break it off. Ive only had one relationship that lasted more than a couple weeks and that was only 3 months. Anyway.. I read this series.. (a couple times actually) and I am pretty sure I am obsessed. It is all I think about. It makes me sooo depressed to read it and causes me constant pain.. the kind of heartbreak that makes your body ache... but i cant help but read them over and over and over. I want the type of love that Bella found with Edward and I am scared that I have put to much faith in this book. I know its not real.. but I feel so connected to it. I will be driving down the road and just start crying because of the mood that the book has put me in. I am so depressed and I have even tried not reading the book, it just makes things worse. Its like this book helps me slip out of my own reality.. what can I do to make it better, how can I change my love life, or am I doing the right thing by holding out for "mr perfect"... how will i know..? Is there really a "mr perfect" out there for me? Please help.. I can't take this struggle anymore.. I am just to weak.
posted by Madison Marie on 2/18/2008 @6:48:32 PM •
you really need to seperate reality from fiction. that seems really easy to someone who hasn't ever became part of something fiction. my advice to you would be to get involved in something (like sports, church, family stuff...) to create your own life, apart from those characters in the books. i hope that doesn't sound mean, but i can't think of another way to put it. your story reminds me of people that i've met that are totally obsessed and consumed with those dragon/fighting card games.
posted by me on 2/19/2008
i have read these books many times also... it is real easy to lose yourself in them bc that is what every person wants to feel like in a relationship.... i have been in love and that is what it feels like... but let me tell you this, love takes time... there is love at first sight i believe but a great love can also take time... be friends with alot of guys and then try dating if you want... dating someone u don't know much about, yeah u aren't going to feel like bella, u have to get to know them and a couple of days to a couple of weeks is not enough time... i suggest not dating anyone till you know them fairly well and already know u have a great time with them.. then you can date them and ur heart may open the way you want it to... your heart is not going to fall for a stranger... that's the only fairy tale that u need to realize isn't true... love at first sight also needs time... u can have love at first sight and start dating right off but it won't last long... give it time... it's ok to wait for the right guy, but don't be too picky, no one's perfect like edward... oh, and the book, get into in a different sense... don't get depressed, let it give u hope... read all the love in it and know u will feel that one day, so don't get discouraged... there's someone out there for everyone... another thing, ur heart falls in love with the other person's heart, not looks... so if ur picky about that, ur satisfying ur physical needs, not ur heart... read the book with the knowledge and hope that u will feel that way when someone kisses u one day, and they don't have to be a vampire..lol... obsessing is ok as long as it's in the positive direction, so read as much as you want... i tell you what, if u own the books highlight or write down all the parts that make you feel love and read over that in the way that u can't wait to get that, not in the way of moping that u don't have it.... it will come, just be patient and don't miss out on life waiting for it... i hope this helps somehow... if u have a myspace, join my group i just created www.group.myspace.com/meyerstwilightseries ... we can talk all u want about the books w/o anyone judging.. .stay smiling sweety.... it will be ok.... love is mysterious and will come out of no where when ur least expecting, so stop looking so hard.... it did for bella ;)
posted by megan on 2/20/2008

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