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Okay so I talk to this guy, and I really like him. We both just discussed where we both stand with each other, coming to the conclusion that we like each other a lot but we want to progress as friends rather than jumping into a relationship. So last night, I got drunk with some friends and this girl I just met. She was actually really cool. But that was before she told me that she had sex with the guy I'm talking to, the same time we were talking. I know I shouldn't be mad at her but at the same time, I refuse to be friends with a girl that we happened to sleep with the same guy. Anyways, I talked to the guy last night about everything. He really is a good guy and I believe everyone makes mistakes, as he said she was. I can't really put that against him because at the same time, I have previous sexual relations with his old friend (which I didn't know at the time that the were cool). So, I basically want to know what I should do? Should I continue talking to him? Or just leave the situation alone? And should I go talk to her as well, to clear the air?
posted by Ashley on 9/28/2013 @8:39:14 PM •
It sounds like you have the relationship with him that I had with my soul-mate. (It unfortunately was never good timing and it never worked out) But if you are great friends, you need to stay open and honest with each other. Also, while getting together and it ending better can ruin the friendship, if you guys do get together you should maintain that open, honest friendship above all else. If you truly trust him, there is no need to talk to the girl again. If there is a seed of doubt, go ahead.
posted by Tiffany (age 25) on 10/7/2013

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