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My brother is getting married for the first time. He's in his forties. I'm not invited to the wedding because I have this sister who hates me and somehow, she gets others to hate me too. My siblings, their kids, my friends...I don't know exactly what she tells them but she has hated me her whole life. We are in our 50's! She has lived a life different from mine, I was no angel and neither was she but at this age you'd think she'd get over whatever it is. Even our mom on her deathbed told me, you either have to take her as she is or stay away from her. Should I just let this wedding go and not worry about it. It never ends though. Please tell me what you think. Thanks so much.
posted by Susan (age 56) on 10/17/2013 @3:20:48 AM •
Just let it be. Your brother didn't invite you and eventually the truth with come out but it's not something you should allow to hurt you. We don't get to choose our family members and that's okay. Just take that extra time and put it toward a about you day. If anything you can send a gift with a best wishes care no strings attached. There are bigger problems in life and you are an important person. :) Best of luck.
posted by Faye on 10/31/2013

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