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"Help please "
I live in Canada and I have this friend from the states he decided to send me a sweater in the mail and it finally arrived but it's still at the postal office I'm not old enough to drive so I need my parents to drive me but only problem is they don't know about this friend and I'm scared they'll get mad if I tell them about him what should I do?
posted by Jocelyn (age 14) on 10/20/2013 @5:38:57 PM •
There is good reason your parents would be upset with you due to fear that you'll get hurt. Finding friends online is dangerous especially if you've never met them and yet you're giving out personal information. Best advice I could give you is be honest and mature about it. Tell you parents about your friend and explain that you would like it if they went with you to the post office to receive the gift and to see if it is even true. Mad parents is a pain but it is because they care so much. I never believed that till now and it's much easier to see where your parents are coming from when you grow up. :) Best of luck!
posted by Faye (age 22) on 10/31/2013

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