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"break up"
Hey guys me and my ex byfriend broke up about 3 months ago and ive gotten over it and moved on actually im talkin to another great guy.but my problem is my ex wont leave me alone.see the reason we broke up was bc just wanted to have sex with me and thats all.he told me himself.but now hes goin around tellin all of my friends these lies and hes also telling them that he never told me that,
so now he wont stop sending me mssgs and txts and he wont stop calling me i cant block him bc its the only way i can keep in touch with his lil sister i love her to death and i could never just stop talking to her,
but advice would be great.! thanks guys
posted by Teela on 2/18/2008 @8:44:15 PM •
sounds like you might need to change your phone number. that way, his sister could have your new number, but you haven't really cut anyone off. and if that's not good, you'll probably have to just put up with him for a little bit. once he moves on, he'll probably just drop it and leave you alone. you probably have just hurt his ego and the way he chooses to build it back up is to cause some drama and try to make you look bad. don't worry about it. just remember that he's just doing that because you moved on and hurt his ego.
posted by amanda on 2/19/2008
just go talk to his perants and that will salve it all
posted by Curtis on 2/19/2008

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