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I am 60 and have a loving and sexual relationship with a women of 26. After a year and a half she has said she doesn't feel like relating to me sexually as there is no future in it for her. She says she loves me just as much now as before and she is very nice to me but I don't see her as much as before. She loved me fully! I feel angry but I see her point. Constant frustration over this is with me. I feel such a loss and my time is running out. I cannot just find another woman as I love her. How can I feel better about my situation?
posted by Mark (age 60) on 10/21/2013 @1:06:10 AM •
There is a bright-sides to this although you are unable to see it now. At least she was honest about the situation rather continuing with a lie. This is a very frustrating situation and life tends to offer the good and bad. First off don't feel as though you are to blame. Despite frustration both of you deserve to be happy. Life is short and there is no reason to spend it sad, distraught, angry, or anything else that takes up the time you can spend enjoying the ride. You'll be hurt for a while and time heals all wounds however maybe you should take up a hobby and just start focusing on you. When you start focusing on what you love to do and life in general loneliness will dissolve and maybe you'll even meet another. Time is limited and life should be enjoyed to its fullest extent within each passing moment. You are important and loved! "There are always flowers for those who want to see them." - Henre Matisse
posted by Faye on 10/31/2013

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