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i am always worried about who to sit with in my class. my best friend sits with her boyfriend and the other girls dont like me much. what do i do?
posted by angela (age 16) on 10/23/2013 @12:55:35 PM •
Sitting with new people can be nerve wrecking and uncomfortable and it happens whether in every grade. When I was younger it was a big deal being able to sit next to someone I was friends with and now in college each class the seat next to me is someone else. It's fun now and I have made many friends sitting next to new people. You have a couple of choices: sit by your best friend and her bf or sit next to someone new and strike up a conversation. As far as the other girls not liking you, don't let it get to you since they aren't important to your future. People won't always be nice but it's up to you on how you allow it to affect your life. :) Happy friend making.
posted by Faye (age 21) on 10/31/2013

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