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"I have a crush in a girl "
I have a crush in a girl and I've been told by 2 friends that she likes me back and 1 freind told me she doesn't like me should I ask her to be my girl freind I really like her and she's 2 years older than me
posted by Jacob (age 14) on 10/30/2013 @10:04:44 PM •
Enjoy being single! You're young and time passes all to fast before you know it you are married and single is behind you. All my teen years I spent dating on and off, friends finding me someone to date, etc. Now that I'm older I look back and laugh at the time I wasted with "dating." Instead of following along with everyone's obsession with dating enjoy being young and single. When your older maybe you'll find a great girl friend for now just brush it off.
posted by Faye (age 22) on 10/31/2013
I think you should definitely ask her out. So what if she is two years older then you! Age is just a number. And what if it turns out she does like you? The worst she can say is no and if she does, then its her los. If you don't ask then shes gonna think you're not interested and she's gonna move on. You need to ask her boy! Hope I was some what help. :)
posted by Sarah (age 20) on 11/5/2013

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