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Hey, I'm Sean, 23 and originally from Manchester but moved to Buxkshaw Village a few months ago. On the surface everything seems to be going good, I live in a 4 bed detached, drive a brand new car and a successful career which is paying well.

Just lately the pressure and stress is getting overwhelming and I'm questioning is it worth it? I don't get time to enjoy myself, yes I have a drink but I'm that tired I end up that drunk I don't know what I'm doing and when I wake up wherever I've taken myself the night before oblivious to what's happened. Every relationship I've ever had has never been longer than three months, as the hours I work are ridiculous on their eyes, granted it is. So with this in mind I'm questioning what I really have, the house is just bricks, the car will be old when the new plate comes out, and my career, I still have the five years experience should I want to come back to it.

I've always longed to live in France. No matter what I'm doing even if it means me starting from the bottom, so I ask the question, should I do a bunk book a flight to Paris and aee where the adventure takes me?
posted by Sean (age 23) on 11/1/2013 @11:39:44 AM •
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