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"Scared to report animal abuse"
Yeah my Fiancée's roommate is a terrible person. He keeps the dog in a cage day and night, and only takes it out once or twice a day- other than that the dog's completly ignored.
The other night the room the dog was in was very cold (since its an add on room) she was shivering as if she was outside. His wife wanted to bring the dog in where it was warm, but no he said "if we did she'll cause so much racket that our neighbors will call the cops, just put a blanket over the cage and she'll be fine".
And it's not just that, he yells at the dog when she pees in the cage, and when she starts howling from being in the cage for so long, and some other stuff that I don't remember.

I want to report him for this because I hate seeing any animal suffer, but I'm really scared because I have a feeling they're gonna know it was me that did it (since I'm one of the only ones that come over). And my fiancé told me that him and his wife would try to break us up if we got on their bad side.
But I also want to report him because this has been going on in a pattern for years- they get rid of a dog, move away, get another dog, pin it up for dumb reasons, and repeat.
And this is a cruel man here, causes drama whenever he can, threatens to hit people, don't respect his wife, etc. and I want to avenge anyone whose been harassed by him.
No one in the house is brave enough to stand up to him and they all go along with what he says (so much that probably if he said unicorns existed they would believe him)

So how would I go about doing this, I have the humane society's number.
posted by Hayley (age 18) on 11/5/2013 @11:03:23 AM •
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