relationship advice (post new situation)
"i still love my x but she dosnt love me "
i fell in love and got hurt and i tryed to talk her out of all of this but she wont talk me back and she is just realy confusing
posted by Curtis Richardson on 2/19/2008 @12:01:12 PM •
this probably isn't what you want, but you probably need to move on. it's impossible for someone to fall in love with someone just because they should. i dated someone for three years because i wanted to love him...obviously, it didn't work out. she can't make herself love you. i'm sure you're a great guy and will find someone who will love you like you deserve.
posted by maddie on 2/19/2008
sometimes when someone is confusing is because they are confused... my advice to you is to put distance in between you untill ur feeling subsides or she realizes she wants you back... i've been through this and the knowledge of knowing if it's meant to be it will be got me through the pain of getting over him... time and distance is the only thing that can cure a broken heart, not trying to replace, that can make it worse... so just be patient and u'll get through this one way or another ;)
posted by megan on 2/20/2008

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