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"Oh my"
My boyfriend and I have been dating for 9 months now. In these 9 months, I have been the happiest I have ever been. He treated me life a princess and everything was so much more than I could even ask for; however, things started to dwindle. There is this "group" that we (my boyfriend and I) hang out with. My boyfriend started to say that he didn't feel appreciated by them and wasn't happy with them, and etc. Basically, he wasn't happy and distanced himself from them. Well, I was then caught in between. Constantly I was told that he was a jerk, I needed to dump him, he wasn't good enough, etc etc. Basically, they were so un-supportive. They even decided that they didn't even want to speak to me anymore because I was being so blind to how "poor" he treated me. Well, of course, I wanted to listen, but at the end of the day, they were terrible friends. They would go places without inviting me ALL THE TIME. And constantly put me down and made me sad. I couldn't take it anymore and I distanced myself from them too. So me and my boyfriend and some other friends got close. All was well until my boyfriend stopped being "lovey" with me. I felt like he didn't care. He felt distant. We hardly spoke and saw each other for a period of time, and every plea to him seemed unanswered. Finally he said "things are just different. I dont know how. They just are." I told him he was losing me and he responded "That is just the way it is."
Absolutely devastated, my friends and I went out. I made a poor decision and got drunk. Unfortunately, I then ran into my boyfriend who screamed at me in front of everyone for being drunk with these two guys and girl he did not like and trust. He then immediately ran to those "friends" of ours crying. Suddenly it isn't him that they hate anymore but me. They insist now I am a terrible person and I make him terrible. But my boyfriend then a few days later, showed up at my house asking to talk. We talked and everything seemed worked out. We were tired of other people meddling in our relationship and we both realized how upset we were without the other. However, he then dropped a bomb. This freshman girl (we are seniors) kissed him that night he was crying that I was drunk and etc. I went through is phone and it seemed to me that he continued to flirt with the girl the following day in texts. I don't know what to do. Can I forgive him? Can I let it go that we both messed up? He cried and cried and told me its technically cheating and that he swore to himself he would never be one of those guys. But he says it means nothing and wants to make it up. Considering the circumstances, I want to say its forgivable. We have been so happy together and have come so far, but I am afraid to be some stupid girl that takes back a cheating ****.
Please help... is it cheating? The whole situation was a dramatic over-exaggerating and poorly handled on both sides. And she kissed him while he was crying over me, however, he didn't really stop it. What do I do? thanks.
posted by Marie (age 17) on 11/12/2013 @8:21:36 PM •
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