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"Should I leave him?"
I moved clear across the country for my current boyfriend. From Cali to New York, we have never lived together and we live with his parents for now. I have been with him for about 3 months now and everything has been great however the other night I was initiating intimacy and was getting no where so I decided to quit and try to sleep. I noticed he was not sleeping after a while and his laptop on and I turned and told him it was loud. I started feeling percular so I decided to turn the tv on and set my mind to rest. I noticed him turning the laptop away in a sneaky way and I looked trying to be silly and he was on a pornographic website. I slammed it shut and said "I'm right here!" I got up and told him I would give him his privacy because at that point I felt insulted because I had initiated something that he clearly did not want. I know he does it almost every night, I can feel the atmosphere in the room change and I know what things turns him on. I try to do my part, gym every morning I'm not a bad looking girl what so ever I don't feel sad, my self asteem is still at average however why should I deal with this? I could rock someone else's world, someone who doesn't have to sneak. Porn is natural and sexy, hell I'm guilty but now I'M Not satisfied and that's a problem. I now feel like I'm waisting my time. Since I'm so new I have no friends to talk with so can someone tell me if I'm over reacting? Should I continue to be picky and not settle ? Should I work it out? I have been communicative with him but he seems to have a problem. Should I be understanding or move on? I feel lost please someone help!!!
posted by Hilary (age 21) on 11/13/2013 @8:50:07 PM •
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