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"New Man"

After finally getting into a relationship after being divorced for 3-1/2 years. I met a very sweet man who I get along with quite well and after 4-1/2 months I introduced him to my son which is the first time my son has met anyone I dated.

This man is fun, calm and good to me but recently we went out to dinner with my very dear cousin whom I am very close with and her boyfriend. After some drinks and dinner my man decided he was going to tell my cousin (who tends to be fairly negative about her ex husband and a lot men) that she was way too negative and that he didn't want to hear her. That she needed to move on and that I felt the same way. I had confided in him that yes I believed she was too negative but understood her and just wished she could be more positive so that she could be happy...never would I have thought my man would have said those words to her. I was beside myself and ended our dinner. I apologized to my cousin and so did my man. Once we were in the car going home I told him exactly how I felt and told him he was so totally out of line!

He has apologized profusely and admitted he shouldn't have done that but it still bothers me. It showed such lack of respect for my cousin and for me.

I wanted to end my relationship with him that night but tried not to make any rash or hasty decisions out of my emotions.

I am trying to give him another chance but not sure if I should be...My friends and family are important to me and if he can't get along with them it will be a huge problem for me.

What do you think?
posted by Paula (age 47) on 11/14/2013 @11:42:54 AM •
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