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"help me please"
hey guys im a 19 year old girl and well ive been crushing on my close friend and he admitted to be crushing on me too we've been talking for a while already we have no problem showing our feelings through texts but when it comes to hanging out or going on dates we dont show it i hold back my feelings because im scared to make a move i feel like he should do it since hes the guy but then again hes really shy and so am i and to be honest i need someones advice because i cry myself to sleep at times worrying that he'll give up on me one day and i dont want to lose him because of my shyness and my fears getting in the way someone please help me this happened to me in the past before with a guy a used to like alot and he gave up on me and moved on and i dont want that to happen again because to tell you the truth im in love with my close friend and it kills me of the thought of losing him
posted by Michelle (age 19) on 11/18/2013 @6:41:17 PM •
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