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"Fuck my life"
Okay so get ready for this. So I've been talking to this guy Sean for over 2 months. It's been great. He makes me Laugh an I can be myself around him but everytime we hang out he tries to force my hand down his pants. And when I say everytime I mean every single time. Like it never fails. Even after I told him that I wasn't comfortable with it. Well I kinda brushed it off. And then 2 of my friends told me that when people asked if we were talking he would deny it. And then come to find out he kissed some other girl. He claims it was after I kissed this guy, who just for information I was drunk and completely blacked out and didn't even remember meeting this guy. He had to tell me what happened, and he was getting me back. But it still hurts and then they tell me that he tried ****ing my friend. Eve though he denied it all I still can't help but to believe it. He's been texting me and wondering what I'm going to decide but I just don't know. I'm so stuck and I need help. Please help me.
posted by Bethany (age 17) on 12/28/2013 @1:30:14 PM •
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