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"Freeloading "friend""
So about five years maybe even 6 years ago my fiance and i went to his home province! Before going there he had decided he was going to bring back 2 friends to work with him and his company! They lived with us from the beginning. One friend has moved onto his own company and a fiance of his own while the other has constantly taken advantage of our good nature! This "friend" has pretty much lived with us from the beginning but he will work with my fiance for a couple months then just decides what days he wants to work.... When my fiance lets him go he moves out and gets a job with someone else! Then just like with my fiance he stops going in cant pay the bills and ends up back at our place because he and my fiance grew up together and he feels like if he doesnt help him no one will!! This guy is now back at our place again but this time it was only supposed to be for a couple days while he dealt with court stuff that happened while him n his gf were fighting.... They were in a different city and needed to come back! So of course my fiance drove 2 hours to pick them up not knowing where they had planned to stay while dealing with all this so when he found out they didnt have anywhere to go he let them stay with us.... This was 3 months ago..... Staying a couple days turned into working for him again! At first it wasnt to bad his gf helped out but they were always less than clean people!! Oh iforgot to mention she is pregnant and is due in 2 months... Now he is back to his games of figjting with her not going to work and not doing anything to help around the house.... He makes money but cant even buy something as simple as toilet paper or groceries! They spend all his money on takeout and calling cabs to take them out!!
We have a toddler and another child on the way so i make sure i have all the necessities to take care of my home but they eat and drink and do as they please... I have tried to get my fiance to tell them how its going to be because when i set ground rules i am just pretty much laughed at and ignored.... But he doesnt like confrontation and doesnt say anything to them that i have heard... He complains bout the way they are too(not as much as i do) and says he wants them out but i never see any tesult of what he is saying...
Sorry to give a whole life story but feel it is necessary and i just cant take it anymore :(
posted by Cant take it anymore on 1/1/2014 @4:03:57 PM •
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