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"Is there something wrong w/me"
Ok I was with someone from age of 19 to 29 he helped me raise 2 kids and we had 1 of our own. When it was the month of our 10 year anniversary he got arrested and went to jail for almost a year. I found out the child we had together he gave temp guardianship to his parents was told not to tell me if he wanted to go home after jail. I fell 100% apart. I got the back lash from everyone we knew friends family I had my other two kids with my parents because I knew I was in and going to be unstable for a while they deserved to have normal lives and not have me risk taking childhood away from them.Everyone thought i was on drugs,I wasnt. I was used to working, house cleaning, being a partner, and a mom. Now it was all over. I found a friend in the most unlikely places. He lost his family around the same time I did. We understood each other in ways we couldnt find with others. I moved in with him and a relationship started. I started getting strong again. I saw my 2 children my parents my other son I wasnt allowed to see because of the reputation of my new partner. After 4 years, he started kind of drifting away and I always longed for what I had before but felt so strong about what I was apart of now. Short version now, he ended going to jail for 6 months because someone set him up and because of is past it wasnt hard for it to stick. While it was 3 months in, I started talking to my ex and saw my other son again we got instantly glued (me and my son) now I got back with my ex cause i got used to my son. My ex asked from jail to marry me even though he left me with no money and had his mother take care of everything like he didnt trust me. It felt like he only asked so he didnt loseme but how did he stop from losing me? well he got out and I realized how much i miss him. Now im back with all three of my perfect babies.My relationship with family is better then before. I feel like Im with my best friend (without that special spark) he seems happy though, I miss my ex so much, he helped m,e come back from a place I never thought was doable. I saw the world through grown up eyes. lessons i learned that continue to help me came from time with my ex, not my ex ex. I feel stuck now. I dont know if Im evil stupid retarded, crazy, maybe i need to learn whats good for me what ever that may be. Am I being fare to anyone even me? My ex says i am still in his heart and if I ever need him he is there and if I ever needed somewhere to belong to go to where he is. Im so confused I feel so wrong. Ive been engaged 3 times and all 3 times it never happened because 2 went to jail and hurt me.the other he slept with my best friend. Is it me? three times what the 5#&*? (symbols for the f*** word) if anyone has the time or answer I am begging for advise. If I ask anyone I know it would just hurt the wrong people, they were so hurt by losing me they are kinda fragile with me right now. PLEASE HELP ASAP (if it can be done)
posted by Staci on 1/15/2014 @8:14:33 AM •
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