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Okay, so, in 2nd grade I had a boyfriend. We broke up and then didn't talk until a year ago when he sent me a friend request on Facebook. That was the only way we could talk, and we were like best friends again. Anyways, once, I accidentally let slip to him that I still liked him. He said he did too. Then, for the next two months he didn't reply to any of my messages. I sent him this huge message saying good bye because it hurt that he would never talk to me. I forced myself not to check my messages for two days before I broke down and checked them. He had replied. I read it and burst to tears before replying with "I forgive you, friends again?" He said yes then we kept talking. Now, two months ago, he suddenly stopped talking to me again. This time, instead of sending a huge sad message, I sent him a message with a bit of cussing and saying I hated him cause now I was mad. Then, he replied. I checked facebook today and I had seven messages from him. He told me to listen to a certain song because it was saying exactly how he felt. I watched it then cried. It was so sad. I want to reply to him, but its like every time I get mad at him, he says one little thing and hooks me back in. Then the same thing that happened before happens. My dilemma is should I reply? If so, what should I say? Please, this is making me more emotional than I have been in my entire life, and I have gone through a lotn
posted by Tabitha on 2/19/2014 @9:09:26 PM •
He sounds like a really nice guy, and its ok for this to happen between people in flirt-ationships, as long is it isnt happening often. This isnt that he is hooking you back into it though, its that you like him, and perhaps are a bit protective about him? That's fine, its part of liking someone. If you dont want things to be as emotional tell him you feel conflicted about being this close with him, and that you want to be just normal friends. That you just want to tone the emotional part down a bit. I hope this helps
posted by Victoria on 3/4/2014

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