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hi i am a single mom of 2 bueatiful little girls. i was in a relationahip then he told me he didn't trust me when i walked in from work so i broke it off but he wants to work it out but we have become best friends then i started dating this other guy who got caught red handed with another woman i don't understand why men tell me there ok with me having kids then after we start dating they leave and never talk to me again after about a week of us being together why do i always keep getting hurt are there any good men out there that don't lie or go back and tell their ex while we are together that they don't think it will work why can't they be man enough and have enough balls to my face i am tired of being lied to and people walking in and out of mine and my kids life what am i doing wrong
posted by charity on 2/19/2008 @5:06:18 PM •
i don't know you, but i've heard your story more than once...and my advice to you is this...don't constantly be looking for someone. be content with living a happy life with your kids. the kind of guy you want (or so it seems) is the type that would see you and your girls together and think 'she must be a great mom'. the kind of guys you seem to be attracting think 'this'll be easy'. does that make sense? i don't mean any of that in a bad just need to think about how you are making yourself look/seem. is it confident and totally self-sufficient or needy and an easy target?

and remember to think of your girls. put them before any guy and things will work out.
posted by me on 2/19/2008
Be true to yourself & your kids. Forget about the guys out there. It's true that when you know exactly what you want & pray for it it will come to you when you stop looking. Whatever level we're at, wether we know it or not, is the same type of person we attract.Subconsciously we give off vibes good, bad or indifferent. So My suggestion is to take it slow and do a soul search for the sake of you & your kids.
posted by Terry on 2/21/2008
First off, don't bring a guy around your kids until you've really had a chance to get to know him. Tell him about your kids just don't introduce him to them until you've been dating for a while. A relationship that ends isn't just going to upset you, but your girls as well.
posted by Megan on 2/25/2008

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