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"Should I move out?"
I'm an 18 year old girl, and I graduated almost a year ago. My parents can't really afford college and we have a bad situation with our taxes (my dad's boss didn't do them and screwed us over) so I can't get financial aid. This leads me to the plan of becoming a police officer due to my immaculate background (I've never even smoked pot and live in a legal state for it right now but am not tempted to). I dont have any friends here and although I love my parents a lot, I want to live with my cousin a couple states away. We are eachothers best friend and she does want me to live with her and I would pay part of rent (she is older, this isn't two immature kids lol is be living with her and her boyfriend) I stayed with them over a month of each of the last two summers and know I am comfortable living with her, however I have no car and can't seem to get a job here to buy one. While I live under my parents roof my dad will not allow me to work at fast food or 'antisocial' jobs. This part is hard to explain but basically my 75 year old stubborn grandmother drove a state away without telling anybody to see a relative who lives in the same state as we do, got caught in a storm, and panicked. She is a bit I'll from the trauma and my aunt will be flying here this week to drive her home. Now, my aunt is the mother of this cousin and lives close by. I got to thinking this is the opportunity I have been hoping for. My cousin lives right by many fast food places and a grocery store, etc. if I lived with her I could walk to work and save up for a car. However this seems very sudden and I haven't gotten out of the house much in the last six months. I've developed a bit of depression that I keep to myself over my own mortality and basically a feeling that nothing is comfortable and everything is weird now that I've graduated. I'm sure I'm not alone in this... The age where you need to grow up is a scary one especially as we don't learn to prepare for it in school at all. I'm terrified of being away from my parents even though this past summer I was at my cousins for two months without much of a problem.. However my cousin and her boyfriend moved in to a different place a few towns away and I'm afraid I won't like it (they used to rent a house and now rent an apartment) I am scared... I'm worried they don't want me to live with them even though I have much reassurance they do. I'm worried that if I go I will regret it (although if I did I could just get together a couple hundred and fly or drive home soon enough) I'm worried if I DONT take this opportunity I will regret it. Please if you have any advice help me. I never ask advice from anybody but this is eating me alive a little
posted by Layne (age 18) on 2/25/2014 @6:26:06 AM •
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