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"Me and My Boyfriend "
Alright, in about November of last year, the 12th to be exact (11/12/13) I met a boy online. I did not know his age or much about him and I didn't think it would get much farther than just talking in a general conversation for a few short days. I was pleasantly surprised to find we connected instantly, after the first few days of interacting. We started deeper conversations instead of just things like "What's up?" Or "How are you?" I felt like I was getting closer to him but I did not know if he felt the same. After Christmas we talked about how we felt and both agreed we've had feelings for each other. We had started to hang out, slowly but surely. Until finally one day in January he asked me to be his girlfriend. I gladly agreed. I've come to find myself into deeper love with him, I know it sounds fast but I've never felt this way about anyone before. He usually sneaks into my house and we just watch movies together and hang out. The only problem is, he is a senior in Highschool, graduating in May, and I am going to be a freshman next year. I don't know what to tell my parents, or how to. I haven't told them about him at all, and I'm afraid they will just say he wants sex, or he's using me, which isn't the case. I know for a fact. To add, I have problems at home with my family, and they don't even think I'm mature enough to drive at 16. I'm in love with him and I do not want to keep the secret any longer. Any advice?
posted by Cade on 3/10/2014 @12:07:45 AM •
Wow, interesting situation! I would just say to tell them. If they can't accept your choices, and support you with them, then they wouldn't truly be good parents. I'm going to be a freshman as well next year, so this is coming from a girl around your age. Start off by telling them slowly, hinting a bit about how you think you're mature enough to have a bboyfriend, even if he''s older. Age is but a number, I say. Anyways, also start trying to get them to trust you again, just slowly. Take up small responsibilities, and show them that you can do it. They'll start to trust you again, and after about 3-5 months, you should be ready to tell them. I've never done this, so this may not be very good advice, but hey, I'm trying! :3
posted by Bronwyn (age 13) on 3/11/2014

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