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"Bestfriend and Crush? Together?"
Okay's this guy I like, and his name's Aaron. Recently, I've started to like him and......yea. Well, he started sitting next to me at lunch and stuff, and was even flirting alittle. My best friend, her name's Sally, also likes Aaron, and he acts the same with her. Today after school, Sally came up to me with a huge smile on her face and told me that Aarojn had asked her to be his girlfriend and she said yes, and broke up with her current boyfriend over atext. Well, that upset me a bit. Yea. I'm just so confused now. Aaron treated me the same way, so what happened? Aaron is tall, has green eyes, short curly brown hair, and has an awesome laugh, in my opinion. I'm a bit on the tall side, with giner-y brownhair about to the bottom of my shoulder blades, green eyes, freckles, and yea. Sally is shorter than me, black (I'm not rascist), round brown eyes, black hair to her shoulders, Descriptions are important sometimes, so I just popped that in there ^^;
posted by Bronwyn (age 13) on 3/11/2014 @5:48:08 PM •
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