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"Him ."
Well We were A couple That spended 2 years together than he stopped talking to me and stoped showing me that he care we went into a lot of problems because of people like a girl that he loved her and my friend is a guy that wanted to fight him and we are now seperated and it's been a month then i saw him yesterday and he told me that he loves me and he can't forgive me but i'm not the only one that did the wrong thing we still love each other but can't come back because of people and our friends am really joalous and scared to loose him we still love each other he talk to me every day and today i tell him that i came from school and i told him i love you but he stills think that i'm wrong :( help me please
posted by eliane gharios (age 15) on 3/17/2014 @11:26:31 AM •
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