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"to say or not?"
a fellow employee seems to be slightly abusive to the animals when he/she is in a bad mood. ( I work in a rescue/boarding kennel). They also, throw bowls, slam doors, drop the phone, ignore customers, and scream at the dogs to " shut up!". With out concrete evidence- should I say something- or wait until I see more than what is described above? The dogs seem so upset and terrified when she is in a bad mood- so are we. lol.
posted by opal on 2/19/2008 @5:20:08 PM •
You should definetley speak up. Don't wait for him/her to abuse the dogs. If you do, help could come to late. Make sure you confront them first. If they don't tell you, I would speak up. Tell a local dog shelter and they should be able to take it on from there. Also remember to stay safe. Be ready to be a witness too since the shelter might call you. I hope this helps!
posted by Yavanna on 2/19/2008
i agree. you need to do something. that kind of atmosphere isn't good for anybody. those people shouldn't even be working there...
posted by me on 2/19/2008
i would deff say something i mean if he does that in front of people imagine what he could do in the privacy of his home or when no1 is around....people like that make me sick.... and if the empolyee doesnt like animals y the hell is he/she working there in the first place i think u should write down all the incidents u can remeber so u have evidence to back u up and u dont go up to some1 and say so and so is abusive without anything to back u up... but deff say something!
posted by Lety on 2/21/2008

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