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"talk to girls"
how do i talk to girls?
posted by Cain (age 21) on 4/12/2014 @4:15:46 PM •
Wellll first say hi. If she blows u off then she's a hoe and u can do better. Repeat until u find a girl who says hi back. When this happens be super nice and polite but have a personality.
posted by Dylan on 4/14/2014
You have to be confident, and that doesn't mean to be the "big man", but don't be shy. Girls like when guys show them that they are manly, but don't be a jerk about it. Also, look into heir eyes (which goes along with being confident) and smile because the more comfortable you make her, the more comfortable you'll get. And always have something to talk about so there isn't an awkward silence even if it's just "did you see the Redskins game?" I hope this helps.
posted by Carleigh on 4/19/2014

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