relationship advice (post new situation)
should i leave? i have a certain girl i've been in love with for 4 years, but she dont love me the same way, i cannot simply move on, every-time ive tried my heart still comes back to her. i make mistake after mistake, but yet she forgives me everytime. Only problem with getting over her is if i do and then i figure out that getting over her isnt what i need than she will never love me the same way. help me please im so confused and she has a boy-friend me and him used to brothers we were so close now we hate each other.
posted by zach (age 14) on 4/14/2014 @3:52:06 PM •
There is no rule that says u absolutely have to get over someone. If u really love her then u can wait until she loves you too which can take awhile but can still eventually happen. And of she has a boyfriend lay off. Bros before hoes.
posted by Dylan (age 14) on 4/14/2014

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