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"What now?"
I am in 8th grade and a boy ( he has known I like him since about November) asked me to dance about a month ago and he was super sweet and wouldn't dance with anyone else after me. He strikes up conversations occasionally but otherwise almost always avoids eye contact. What do you think I should do because I really want this relationship.
posted by Dylan (age 14) on 4/14/2014 @7:44:24 PM •
You can go two paths down this road. You can either play hard to get (which is pretty self explanitory) or you can be the detective and give him hints. Try catching his eye at school or you can just simply smile at one of his friends and maybe they will talk about you later. You can ask one of his friends who he likes and see what they say. Or you can just ignore him and act like you don't care at all about him and wait for him to realize he was being a jerk.
posted by Carleigh on 4/19/2014

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